MADE That Way

My name is Malissa Kelsey.

Some of my friends call me MK.

I believe in creating a life filled with worth living.

For me, I simply make small changes, little by little, within myself and to my environment. And the easiest way for me to do that is to make "stuff". It clears my mind, changes my mood, and I have something beautiful to show for it in the end. So I saw it as a chance to to add small accents to familiar areas. Then I started sharing my creations with others, and it started a bit of a thing. Then the Pandemic hit, and I decided to share my love of making stuff with others by hosting live paint tutorials on Facebook.

Between sharing my art and sharing my work, a couple of tiny communities formed: one with art friends who admire and appreciate art; and those kindred-spirited art friends who wanted to get their hands dirty and create along with me.

This became the purpose of MADE, and MADE doesn’t just mean look at all the stuff I made/we made. MADE actually stands for "Making A Difference Everyday". Art, crafting, writing, and just creating all around makes a world of difference for me. And I don't even have the time to tell you the amazing people I've connected with through art and creating. Whether a customer, client, or fellow creator, I've met some amazing people at some of the most pivotal moments in my life.

That joy, good energy, and love that I experience is what I want to express through my art. And that's what I hope to pass along to my art friends, be it by way of a purchase or participating in an art event with me.

No, MADE isn't just show & tell. MADE is a lifestyle. MADE is a choice. I choose to make a difference everyday in my own life, and my goal is to help others see they can do the same. With functional and aesthetic art & décor, in-person and virtual events, and customized gifts and more, you can enhance the time, space, and energy around you and others and create a true experience.

Those are things that makes a difference.

I'm just MADE that way.

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